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Nov 30, 2012 6:00am EST
. because there's ten different laws that come into play, and in rebuilding and mitigating future storms we just can't afford to have this time lag. so i want to thank you so much. and i want to welcome senators menendez and senator blumenthal. i want to say that what we're doing here is we're making historic record of this storm. because personally i think it's a turning point in, in our approach to climate change. i hope it is. and i'm going to make sure all of you have books of this record today. that's how important i think it is. you're the eyewitnesses. you represent the people who can't all be, can't have millions of people here testifying. but your testimony is so critical. and you'll be part of this record. we also, using this hearing as a way to finalize our water bill which will be coming forward very early in the next session. senator menendez, welcome. you have ten minutes, and we're very happy that you could take the time to be here. >> well, madam chair, first of all, thank you for your personal expressions of concerns soon after the storm. i appreciate it as do the
Nov 28, 2012 7:30am EST
eastern on c-span. >> washburn worked his way up, went to harvard law school and at the origin of one of his brothers immigrated out west to the illinois to clean up where the mining industry was in its heyday. he arrived after about a month's journey by ship, by stagecoach, by train, arrived in a steamboat in this muddy mining town, bordered himself and a log cabin, and slowly worked his way up and became a very successful lawyer and got involved politically, ran for congress, served eight terms and befriended abraham lincoln and ulysses s. grant and as they rose, washburn stayed with them as a colleague during the civil war and after grant was elected president initially appointed washburn secretary of state and washburn became very ill, after ten days he submitted his resignation to president grant show grant regretfully had his resignation and he regained his health which was always very fragile and grant the then offered him the position as minister of france, ambassador of france. >> michael hill on washburn, minister to france in the 1870 franco prussian war, and the only power
Nov 29, 2012 6:00am EST
on booktv's in depth on c-span2. >> now a forum on the rule of law in sino, a panel that includes u.s. ambassador to china and jon huntsman. we will show as much as we can until our live event at 8:30 eastern. [applause] >> thank you for that very kind introduction. i have a great honor of being a distinguished fellow here at brookings but i can tell with justice brier and with these distinguished legal experts appear there's nothing distinguished about me at all. today i come pretty much as a regular fellow as opposed to any kind of distinguished fellow. what we have ahead is a great presentation by some people you will find interesting, about development of the rule of law in china. i wanted to offer a few introductory comments on the china relationship in general. may i first thank john thornton for your vision and support for the center and parking than the leadership you provide. and an extraordinary scholar, and every utterance and every monogram you put out is red and scrutinized by everybody. i just know somebody on the chinese side who write about candidates who run for t
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am EST
regional partners including armenia must be vigilant by fully comply current laws and regulations, and by a many sanctions is needed to close the loopholes. i hope that legislation is currently pending in the congress makes it way through rapidly and will do just that. regarding energy, sanctions are an essential tool and our continued attempt to isolate the iranian regime. however, we have to recognize that for many countries in the subcommittee's jurisdiction, decreasing consumption of iranian energy means increasing consumption of russian energy. such a chain reaction is not in a national interest of the united states. the solution to this problem requires renewed american leadership or partnership to increase the development of resources that lag across the south caucasus. and central asia as well as the infrastructure, the pipelines and other things needed to transport these resources. i would also like to elaborate a little bit more about bahrain. we have some people on the panel today that we will ask questions about bahrain. and they have some intimate knowledge of some of
Dec 1, 2012 2:00am EST
educating coaches and parents we do a really good job with the 40 states that have passed laws. what we do is increase awareness, but we've got to know the train go to the knowledge transfer action and stage. i your coaches and a new something was wrong but didn't know what to do about it. we've got to get to the point of making the next step in responding appropriately. finally we've got to wrap that around research. at what age is it safe, is it not safe? when i was at the headcount meeting two weeks on boston, chris asked me did make some comments on what age he think we want to limit contact. i said i don't know. i wouldn't know how to make that estimate right now. but we know that less is better. we do know that. so the other pieces reducing unnecessary or inappropriate contact. is there a safe contact? ready to understand understand that. i've been accelerometers side its outcome is important to know. so pop warner has been trying this, ideally, nfl. what can we do at our youth level? those are five things we can start to do, but we've got to wrap it around evidence to now begin t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5